Ayamik Whole Foods

Ayamik Gift Hamper

Rs. 5,000

This festive season we are offering an all inclusive gift hamper with a selection of some of our goodies. It's a perfect gift for your loved ones.

What's inside the box ? 

  1. Cheese Sticks  : Taste out irresistible cheese sticks to relish the distinctive and sharp flavour of aged parmesan. One box (100g)
  2. Masala Melba Toast : A healthy , crispy and original light toast -  a perfect complement to toppings , dips and spreads. One box (120g)
  3. Gluten Free Vegan Tortilla Wraps : Light and Easy to Digest our Delicious Gluten Free Vegan Tortilla Wraps are perfect for your soft tacos, burritos, fajitas, quesadillas and so much more!. One Box (150g)
  4. Brioche Buns : Super Soft , Fluffy and Caramelly Brioche buns inspired by small town Cali. One box
  5. Super Food Pizza Cracker Base : Our Superfood pizza cracker base is paper thin , crusty and crispy delight  - made with Rolled oats , millets vegan cheese and olive oil it’s the real guilt free indulgence. One box (100g)
  6. Slow Roast Tomatoes Pasta Sauce  : Our Slow roast tomatoes pasta sauce is Fresh , Natural , thick  , flavourful and truly dense. One Bottle (500g)
  7. Vegan Chocolate Truffles : A beautiful range of vegan truffles for all occasions featuring an irresistible array of melt in mouth  dairy free , gluten free and soya free chocolate truffle flavours , each with its own abundant character . Available in 3 flavours  : Strawberry Tart  ; Dark Chocolate  ; Hazelnut Chocolate. One box with 9 truffles (3 Each).
  8. Crackers - ( Any Two )
    1. Thyme and Rosemary Crackers : Taste our light and easy to digest ,  immunity boosting Thyme and Rosemary crackers made with rolled oats , millet  , and fresh rosemary and thyme. One Box
    2. Indian Spice  Cracker : Snack right with our light and easy to digest Indian spice cracker  made with fresh Turmeric and mustard swirled with millets & rolled oats. One Box
    3. Caramelized Onion and Garlic Cracker :  Indulge guiltfree  into our gluten free and vegan ,  Caramelized Onion and Garlic Cracker for an anytime snack. One Box 
  9. DIP Cluster - 1   
    1. Labneh Dip  : You simply cannot miss Our Labneh Dip - made with fresh yoghurt , olive oil , Pistachio and spice mix it’s a perfect appetiser
    2. Original Hummus Dip  : Our original hummus is a creamy blend of organic chickpeas and organic sesame tahini and sprinkled with mild spices.
  10. DIP Cluster - 2
    1. Fire Roasted Lime Salsa Dip : Indulge into our fresh , flavourful and chunkier authentic lime salsa dip.  
    2. Jalapeno Crème Cheese Dip : Zing of spice blends with the Freshness of Curd and Cream cheese , truly  makes this dip impeccably irresistible .


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