Ayamik is slow living, handcrafted snacking and authentic food experiences with

clean ingredients to transform every day food from around the world. Embrace artisanal ingredients, progressive flavour combinations and innovative production methods. We slow down the cooking of our ingredients so that you don’t have to. 

At Ayamik we have a generational connect with food. We understand food and prioritize personal, authentic experiences. The kinds that comedown from grandfather’s jam recipes and a favourite aunt’s pulao recipe. We are bound to the idea of creating in your kitchen, a space where you can reach out without too much thought for ingredients and snacks thatare clean, healthy and thoughtful. Because we do all the thinking for you.

Ayamik is a place where good food happens. Ayamik is snacking with soul. Ayamik is slow cooking, ancient whole grains, superfoods paired with sexy ingredients for a smart snacking experience.